Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice Conference 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester, 7 - 11 July 2017

About Us

Welcome to the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice’s conference page. Here you can find archived information from some of our previous conferences and details of our next conference.

Our first conference was in 1999 with Ferris Buck Urbanowski, senior teacher at the Center for Mindfulness, USA, followed in 2001 by a gathering led by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli.  Since these first seminal gatherings we have been offering regular conferences to support mindfulness-based teachers and researchers to come together to inspire each other and be inspired by leaders within the field, and to engage with the latest scientific and practice developments.  These events have become landmark events in this emerging field. We hope you can join us at our 2017 conference! The venue is the Crowne Plaza, Chester, UK.

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"Grateful to have this space to focus in various ways on mindfulness.  My first conference that is all about mindfulness."
"Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable conference where my knowledge and understanding deepened and my meditation practice developed.  I feel enlightened."
"A wonderfully well balanced programme with plenty of practice and the heart of mindfulness and dharma as well as the science, theory, achievements.  The atmosphere was great. "
"This was truly the best, most inspiring, thought provoking, fun, friendly, formal yet informal and approachable conference I’ve ever been to.  The days were quite long (I commuted in so it was a long 3 days) but the quality of the conference made that worthwhile.  AMAZING – well done Bangor!"
"This conference has been inspirational.  I look forward to taking back all that I have learned and applying it in daily and work life.  Thank you so much for all of your work setting up this conference."
"Thank you, it was wonderful to meet JKZ in person, but actually, the place was buzzing with so many inspirational people, JKZ was in good company.  A perfect fusion.  I have come away with so much food for thought, new contacts and a renewed commitment to my practice.  A real inspiration and privilege to be there."
"This conference was life changing.  The dedication and work that goes to the core of our lives is incredible. "
"I was amazed that 500 or 600 people could be in that big room, and instead of feeling crowded there was a beautiful sense of support and connection and serenity. "
"Thank you for all your tremendous hard work, it really paid off.  I found the event both of great interest, varied topics and excellent speakers, and a wonderful reconnection and inspiration for my own practice and teaching. "
"An exceptional achievement – I’d like to thank you all as it has re-engaged my commitment to my involvement with mindfulness."
"To all of you involved in the organisation of the conference – the organisation, the collaboration and the presentation - a huge thank you, it was inspirational and brought the heart of the work to mind and heart."
"Hotel staff were almost unfailingly helpful, polite, flexible and went beyond their remit to help out when asked."
"It was truly a great event to participate at."
"Thank you for a great experience with outstanding contributors.  Wonderful that they came, presented and stayed around as participants, rather than flying in and out."
"Very well organised for such a large conference.  Seamless"
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