2014 conference

Below is the content of the 2014 Neuroscience of Mindfulness Conference. Clicking on the event title enables you to download any available content for that workshop / presentation.  Please note, not all conference material is being shared on this website, this is dependant on the presenter / copy write issues.  What is available to download can be freely shared.

Day 1 – Introduction to Neuroscience – Friday 11th April 2014

Introduction to Neuroscience of Mindfulness for Mindfulness Practitioners with Dusana Dorjee

The Neuroscience of MBCT for Depression with Thorsten Barnhofer

Meditation and Neuroscience: Why bother? with Guillaume Thierry

Special Interest Groups

Bangor University’s postgraduate programmes in Mindfulness with David Shannon

Mindfulness and Brain Injury with Jody Mardula

Mindfulness with Children and Families with Eluned Gold

Day 2 – Mindfulness and the Brain – Saturday 12th April 2014

Science and Practice of Mindfulness Meditation with Philippe Goldin

The Neuroscience of Mindful Attention with Peter Malinowski

Meditation, Aging and the Brain with Alfred W Kaszniak

Evening poster presentations

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) online and in real-time works as well as a traditional MBSR group for people suffering from mental fatigue after an acquired brain injury presented by Birgitta Johansson

A study to investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy in Depression presented by Kate Williams

Day 3 Coming Home to Ourselves – Sunday 13th April 2014

A day of mindfulness practice and dialogue with Rebecca Crane & Cindy Cooper

Day 4 – Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness: State of the Field and Recommendations for Future Research – Monday 14th April 2014

Keynote: Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Neuroscientific Research on Mindfulness with Alfred W Kaszniak

Presentations: Developmental neurocognitive perspectives on mindfulness and attention

The effect of mindfulness meditation training on the behavioural and neural correlates of attentional control in adolescence and adulthood. If you are interested in this presentation, please contact Iroise Dumontheil

Sitting still with ADHD: Training attention in a paediatric sample with ADHD through mindfulness meditation presented by Karin Joanknecht

Neuro-cognitive markers of trait mindfulness in secondary school pupils presented by Kevanne Sanger

Presentations: Mindfulness and emotion regulation: Evidence from event-related brain potentials

The effect of instructed awareness and acceptance of emotions on LPP in an induced emotion task presented by Marika Paaver

MBSR decreases negativity bias: A P200 study presented by Rebekah Kaunhoven

Dispositional mindfulness, mind wandering and emotional awareness in primary school children presented by Dusana Dorjee

Keynote: Meditation, Mindfulness and Executive Functions with Peter Malinowski

Day 5 – Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness: State of the Field and Recommendations for Future Research – Tuesday 15th April 2014

Presentations: Degrees of mindfulness practice and their neural correlates

Neural Mechanisms of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in the treatment of chronic and recurrent depression presented by Thorsten Barnhofer

Impact of short-term mindfulness training on attention and cognitive control mechanisms presented by Joan-Paul Pozuelos Lapez

Stimulation of the inferior parietal cortex induces fast changes of implicit religiousness/spirituality in healthy individuals presented by Cosimo Urgesi

Keynote: Science of Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation with Philippe Goldin

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