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Time Conferences
0700-0800Morning Practice With CMRP Teacher
0800-0920Registration And Networking
0920-0930Welcome by Rebecca Crane
0930-1045Keynote: Public Policy And Mindfulness: The evolving picture in Wellbeing and Public Health by Gregor Henderson
1115-1315Symposium: Mindfulness, Compassion & Non-Attachment by Ruth Baer, Geetanjali Basarkod, Jenny Gu and Clara StraussMeaning, Challenges And Successes of Developing Integrity by Taravajra and Alison EvansHolding The Hands Of Pleasure And Pain by Jody Mardula and Sarah Silverton
1430-1630Staying Mindful by Annee Griffiths and David ShannonWorld Café Conversation by Susannah Crump and Barbara ReidSymposium. MBCT: An Update Of The Current Research Evidence And Its Implications For Clinical Practice by Anne Speckens, Clara Strauss, Mira Cladder-Micus and Marloes HuijbersResearch Talks by Gemma Griffith
1700-1815Keynote: Symposium | Mindfulness & Compassion by Willem Kuyken and Paul Gilbert
1815-1845Closing Reflections by Rebecca Crane
1900-2100Research Poster Session
2000-2100Evening Practice With A CMRP Teacher
2000-2130Cultivating well-being: Perspectives from affective and contemplative neuroscience - via video link
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