Dr Ken Lunn completed his research for his MA in Mindfulness Based Approaches at Bangor University in September 2016, developing a draft information strategy and plan for mindfulness based approaches (MBAs). He teaches public MBA courses and courses in the workplace in West Yorkshire, and he is continuing his research in information management to assist in the research and development of MBAs. His professional career in informatics research and development has been broad, including academic, industrial, commercial and NHS roles. For his last 10 years in full-time informatics he was in leadership roles in the NHS on national information and data standards. Retiring from his mainstream IT career in 2014, building on his longstanding commitment to a personal meditation practice, he is enjoying the challenges of a new career, with all the fresh learning that brings. At the same time, he wants to bring his prior experience to the mindfulness teaching and research community in ways that help it improve its reach and value.


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