Susannah is a member of the core training team for the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), training mindfulness-based teachers. She has a background in education and counselling and worked in NHS Primary Care Psychological Services for 11 years.

Counselling clients taught Susannah the transformational power of allowing experience to be as it is. The two year olds in her music and movement classes taught her the wonder of beginner’s mind and the power of being present in movement. Susannah loves the ongoing learning and sustenance that comes from practising mindfulness and sharing it with others.

Susannah has been teaching 8 week mindfulness-based courses since 2005 to health professionals, therapists and patients in the NHS and to people in her local community. Susannah is a supervisor of trainees and teachers of mindfulness-based approaches.

Susannah also works as an independent integrative counsellor and her approach is deeply informed by her own mindfulness practice and teaching.