Individual Supervision and Supra-vision with a Mindfulness Network registered supervisor can be arranged HERE. If you are interested in Group Supervision please contact

Mindfulness Mentoring offers one to one support for your personal practice and can be arranged HERE.

Free guided practice sessions, resources and donation-based events are supported by the Mindfulness Network Community Friends.

Our events are currently delivered online, unless indicated as ‘in-person’ in the title, below.

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Events by Month

Retreat: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion (in-person) - Waiting list only
Supervision Training:Level 2 - Waiting list only
Donation event: Shame - meeting and transforming shame through the eyes of self-compassion
Teacher Training: MBSR Specialist - Waiting list only
Retreat: Insight Dialogue
Teacher Training Online Level 1
Donation Event: An online silent retreat day from the Mindfulness Network Community Friends
Workshop: MBI-TAC Level 2 - Supporting Others with the MBI-TAC: Cultivating Competence in Supervision and Training
Workshop: Inquiry
Compassion: Mindfulness and Self Compassion Weekend
Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness
Supervision Training: Level 1
Compassion: International Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Foundation Course with Erik van den Brink
Retreat: Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness (in-person) - Waiting list only
Retreat: Drinking deeply from the well of mindfulness together: an online retreat for mindfulness-based supervisors
Retreat: Introducing the Foundations of Mindfulness online weekend retreat
Teacher Training Online Level 2
Compassion: Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Teacher Training Programme
Compassion: Mindful Self Compassion Weekend Retreat
Teacher Training: MBCT Specialist
Workshop: Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Retreat: Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness
Workshop: Groupwork


Teacher Training: MBSR Specialist
Workshop: Safeguarding
Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness
Workshop: MBI-TAC Level 1 - Supporting the Inner Teacher with the MBI-TAC: Cultivating Reflection, Embodiment and Competence
Workshop: Inquiry
New: Integrated Action Course